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IP Telephony Voice over IP (VoIP) Telephony Is no longer the “cutting edge” of technology but a stable, reliable and feature-rich telephony solution. VoIP has a number of benefits. Converging voice and data over IP maximizes network efficiency, reducing capital and operating costs, and opening up new service opportunities such as Web enabled multimedia contact centers, unified communications, presence and remote PC-based call management.

VoIP telephony also offers a lower total cost of ownership than traditional digital telephony solutions and enhanced scalability. Using an IP telephony system, a company can easily expand their phone systems to a new branch office or single remote worker with minimal cost and time investment. A VoIP Phone System from All-Mode is an affordable solution to your business communication needs. Ask us about our many clients that have an All-Mode installed VoIP Telephone System and see how we can help you run your business more efficiently too.


Since the 1960’s businesses have relied on digital technology to transfer information more quickly over telephone lines. Early digital phone systems, made use of this technology, but were very limited in what they offered to the end user. Today’s Digital Phone systems are very feature rich and affordable. They provide outstanding voice quality and have the ability to grow as your business grows.

Many of the traditional features you may be use to today – transferring a call, placing a caller on hold, using a speed dial directory – were not available early on. These types of features, as well as many others available with a Digital Phone System, help improve business productivity. Features that improve productivity continue to be added to today’s modern Digital Phone systems, like Blue Tooth compatible wireless headsets.

Auto Attendant, Distinctive Ring Tones, Paging, Do Not Disturb and Conferencing are just some of the common features a business can benefit from by having a Digital Phone System. All-Mode Communications has been installing Digital Telephone Systems for its clients since the business was started in 1972. Many of the systems that All-Mode initially installed are still in use today. Digital Telephone Systems have a history of providing businesses with outstanding dependability and value for their investment. A Digital Phone System from All-Mode is an affordable solution to your business communication needs. Ask us about our many clients that have an All-Mode installed Digital Telephone System and see how we can help you run your business more efficiently too. Or if you need more advanced capabilities you should consider an IP Telephony solution.



Improve worker productivity and drastically reduce IT costs with secure network access for employees and guests, regardless of the user’s device, location or network. Fast and reliable 802.11n wireless LANs provide wire-like speeds in office environments leveraging the industry’s highest performance wireless LAN controllers.

Central management: Easy to configure, monitor and troubleshoot with centralized control Application-aware: Optimized for converged data, voice and video support over wireless Flexible and scalable network: Overlay deployment model prevents upgrades and network redesigns. All-Mode’s trained Sales and Engineering staff would be delighted to design a solution that’s right for you. Please contact us today!


All-Mode offers structured cabling using trusted manufacturers to provide reliable results for our customers.

Paging: Whether your need is for emergency alerts, evacuations, getting calls to a mobile warehouse crew, or simply locating a co-worker, paging systems may be an integral part of your comprehensive communications strategy. All-Mode can design and implement a notification system using speakers, page horns, screen pops, text alerts, strobes, pre-recorded announcements, or other indicators to provide a solution that will meet your requirements. Tap into our experience with office environments, manufacturing facilities, and educational campus’ and explore the possibilities.

Cabling: The successful implementation of any communications solution requires an underlying infrastructure that will provide error-free connectivity. All-Mode offers structured cabling using trusted manufacturers such as Hubbell, Provisions, Chatsworth and Berk-Tek to provide Fluke-certified results.



All-Mode offers a full range of data networking solutions that break conventional business barriers by providing reliability, survivability, security, high speed QoS and remote connectivity without breaking the bank.

From 10Mb to 10Gb, allow All-Mode’s trained Sales and Engineering staff design a solution from “best in class manufacturers” that will meet your current needs and future goals while decreasing your cost of ownership.


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